I love translating. During my internship, a period during my studies which I covered in this blog entry (Dutch), I was immersed in the English culture and language, that much so, that I started dreaming in English.

I’m very lucky to be able to understand, read, write and speak a foreign language. Sometimes it gives me the words to express myself when I can’t find them in my mother language and at other times I’m glad I can understand the series on television that I like without needing subtitles or voice-overs. Or imagine going to a place on holiday or on a work trip where you can’t understand the language. When I was a child, this sort of thing scared the hell out of me. Pardon my French. Now, I’m comfortable knowing that I’ll never be in that situation again and will act as an intermediary would anyone need some translation.

I’m sure that there are people like you right here in the Netherlands as an expat, on a work trip, student placement or anyone who may need some help with this here Dutch-speak. There are so many Dutch dialects that one simple word can mean five different things and you may have heard all five meanings in one conversation. As a foreigner in a strange country communicating with other people is scary and difficult. I’ve been there, so I would like to help you communicate your thoughts effectively.

I’m up for any linguistic challenge. A letter, an application, your website or even your thesis or manuscript, let me know and I’ll help you out.

Deborah Peerdeman, Translator