So, here’s the deal. I’m passionate about translating. To me translation not just means rendering one text into a comprehensible target language. To me translation is about giving meaning to something that’s otherwise meaningless for the target audience. It’s about enabling communication across cultures and across borders, it’s about enabling understanding and resolving potential conflict before it can even find a source of ignition.

This is what drives me to be the best translator I can be and provide high quality texts that read like the original. I have a vivid imagination that helps me grasp the hidden meaning of a text and that helps me write the translation. This imagination of mine also finds other ways to communicate with people across borders and cultures. I love photography and what images can do when accompanying texts. Good photos can make people feel sad, happy, depressed or angry. I love it when pictures can communicate so effectively. What I love even more is that pictures can have a different effect in different people. No one experiences images, situations, life itself the same way. I love trying to be a bridge between different people and help them, one way or another, understand what the other person’s deal is, also via my photography. Words are after all merely images rendered into comprehensible language so that they can be shared and written down. Why not let me make these images and translate them for you while I’m at it?

Have a look at my flickr portfolio to see more of my pictures. For more information about my translation and photography services you can always contact me and discuss these ideas of yours while enjoying a good cup of coffee!